The Time to Move is Finally Here


Hi to my friends.

Too many months have flown by since the last time I wrote a blog post. Sometimes my story enters a state of pause and then sometimes it picks up so fast that I think that my story never slowed down to begin with. Two years ago I thought and wrote about my dream to move to Colorado in this my blogging site. I wanted to move to be closer to my friend Kaegan with an ultimate goal of creating a living, working, social community for people like Kaegan and I to have the most independent lives as young adults.

Well, the first step has happened. My family and I are moving to Fort Collins, Colorado!

The most amazing thing is that we didn’t expect to buy a house three weeks into our two month Colorado summer vacation. But when checking out some open houses just to feel out the real estate in Fort Collins, we totally found the ONE. My nana and papa were with us and together the whole family felt that this was it! My friends Kaegan and Josha also came to see the house and gave their most enthusiastic support.

The house is an older home (see pic above!) that has been updated so nicely and is in a great location. There are so many restaurants and I know my Mom is happy that a Whole Foods is across the street. It is also close to Colorado State University. And best of all, three miles from Kaegan and Josha and family!

So the dream that began two years ago is really coming true. The journey has many more steps, but my only thought is that we are on our way!  I will update you with details to come.

Love, Ian

Me on a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

3 thoughts on “The Time to Move is Finally Here

  1. Ellie Aronow

    Dearest Ian,
    Another fantastic blog post! Papa and I are looking forward to your living closer to Arizona and to many enjoyable times with you in Colorado.
    Much love,
    Nana 💕

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  2. Sonya Strong

    What exciting news Ian! I am so proud of you for following your dreams. It is beautiful to see how much your family loves and supports you. I hope Colorado is everything you are looking for and the perfect canvas to continue creating an incredible life. I admire you so much and think of you often. I hope that someday I can see you again! We are adopting a little Puerto Rican girl right now. I would love for you to meet her and see how my other kids have grown. My family lives in Utah and that’s not too far from Colorado. I bet we can make it happen!
    Love you tons,

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